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I look into your eyes and its a river im chasing…

My Tiny Desk Entry!

Hey everyone! Check out my entry to the tiny desk contest for NPR. Follow the link here!

How do you write songs?

I write songs several different ways. Sometimes it starts with a melody or a lyric. I find the voice recording app on my phone to be extremely useful in this regard. I can record a line pause and continue recording as I go. Sometimes I can work toward rough versions of songs listen to them back easily without having to worry about more complex recording software. It honestly is wonderfully convenient and sometimes produces pretty reasonable recordings. The added benefit is I can quickly send a rough version of a song off to a friend.

When you need to quickly record something, what do you use?

2017 NPR tiny desk contest

That’s right! I just enetered the 2017 NPR tiny desk contest for the 3rd year in a row. This is a super fun contest for unsigned artists. Lots of great music can be found just searching you tube for entries. 

My entry is a newer song that will be on the next CD out sometime next fall. It is called “Closer”

Click here for my submission!!
Have fun exploring the entries!!

The New Guitar Strap

I just got my early Christmas present. A custom guitar strap from Lenny Kenny leather. Here’s hoping this inspires as much music as there is snow falling down outside our home.¬†

The New Strap

I just got my early Christmas present. A custom guitar strap from Linny Kenney Leather. Here’s hoping this inspires lots of tunes. 

Things to come…

Things just keep moving. I’ve got three songs recorded and another in the works. I also think I’ve got a cover for the next album. It could change but I saw took a photo and new immediately it would be an album cover. 

I have been able to play live since the most recent album came out, but I hope to soon. It is really a matter of just scheduling something. 

Lastly, I have a new guitar strap coming soon. I had one custome made by Linny Kenny. She does awesome leatherwork. The photos below were taken by her (presumably) and are on her website.  

The goal was to pay homage to the rivers and fish that I adore. I can help how the streams make me feel. There is just something about being on the water in search of trout. I asked her to create a birds eye view of a trout in a stream. Looks like she did a bang up job.

See her post here.  

That’s all for now. If I get a few more songs written and recorded, I may share the future album cover. 

In the mean time, I hope you are enjoying County 9!

– David

Kristian Matsson’s Guitar Strap

I am envious of Kristian Matsson’s (aka Tallest Man on Earth)
guitar strap in addition to his musical skills.
He has been know to collaborate with Rolf Nylinder. I would love to fish with these guys. Rolf has a few videos showcasing Matsson HERE. So good.
I figured out who makes these. It is Linny Kenny out of New Hampshire. Her stuff is amazing.

Meant to post this about a month ago. The post after this will show the result of this new find.

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 19: David Nash (ME!). County 9 – My Third Album

If you are looking for some new music, especially some to make the new Bon Iver album sound a little better, check out my new CD. You can listen on Spotify or get it on iTunes.
There are only 8 tracks, but I feel it is a good album considering my amateur status. Honestly, it is better than the first two.
So this fall/winter, when you are sitting down with your favorite cold or warm beverage and searching for inspiration while staring at the naked hook clamped in your vise, try playing this CD in the background. If nothing else, you won’t be sitting in silence.
Click HERE for a link to iTunes
Click HERE to listen to “Fertile Ground” on Youtube

The time has come

Last Sunday, we welcomed our daughter to this world 2 weeks early. She is perfect. Sometimes things are ready. There is no sense in waiting. 

So, in the spirit of my daughter’s early arrival, I’m going to get my next cd ready for release in the next couple weeks. It’s called County 9. There will be 8 tracks on it that are from this last year. I’ve got a few experiemental things in there that I think work, and a couple that were fun to try but probably won’t do again. 

Here is the final album cover. 

I’m excited to share some new music with you!

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