David Nash, born and raised in Minnesota, began writing music in high school, but it wasn’t until the college dormroom sessions when he began playing for others that he really began to grow as a musician. Since then, he has been played his songs at bars and coffee shops in Minnesota, Nebraska, Virginia and now has finally settled in Wisconsin.

Musically he falls into the singer songwriter category with a deep, powerful voice and rhythm acoustic guitar. His lyrics are catchy and his songs quickly get stuck in your head finding their way to your “stuck-in-traffic” humming routine.

His first album, “The Long Awaited Dormroom Sessions” was an important step. It allowed him to progress in his writing and documented his roots in songwriting. The songs expose his early writing style.


Night After Night” was the first step forward. The songs are more mature and thoughtful. This was also his first attempt at recording on his own. Many of these songs were influenced by the birth of his son and the move from Virginia back to Minnesota.


The third album, “County 9” Solid melodies and thoughtful lyrics create an enjoyable album that gets better with each listen. David wrote and recorded this album in the basement of a creaky and drafty basement in Rochester, Mn. It feels like a naturalextension from “Night After Night” with clear growth in song composition.


Album 4 was released 10/2/17, on his daughter’s 1st birthday. It is a big step forward in his storytelling. Check it out here!



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