The country music hall of fame. Nashville, Tn

Country music Hall of Fame detailing the relationship between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. I had up to me to go couple weeks ago and it still is on my mind.

Hank Williams guitar is on display. Look at the scratches. I love this guitar. 

One of the older guitars had a small set list taped to the top of it. So cool.

During the trip I made my way to Carter’s vintage guitar shop. This place is amazing. I picked up a new capo as a little Momento.

The highlight of my trip was wondering in to Leila’s bar on Broadway. I heard some bluegrass playing and I was interested to hear more. It seems like every other bars playing the top 40 hits in Nashville. Little did I know Kennedy Denny used to have some hits and played on CMT and Jenny Lynn Gardner on mandolin has a Grammy nomination for the group Della Mae. They were so good. 

I woke up the next morning and begin writing the lyrics to the song that should be on the next city. Fittingly titled “Nashville.”


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