Things to come…

Things just keep moving. I’ve got three songs recorded and another in the works. I also think I’ve got a cover for the next album. It could change but I saw took a photo and new immediately it would be an album cover. 

I have been able to play live since the most recent album came out, but I hope to soon. It is really a matter of just scheduling something. 

Lastly, I have a new guitar strap coming soon. I had one custome made by Linny Kenny. She does awesome leatherwork. The photos below were taken by her (presumably) and are on her website.  

The goal was to pay homage to the rivers and fish that I adore. I can help how the streams make me feel. There is just something about being on the water in search of trout. I asked her to create a birds eye view of a trout in a stream. Looks like she did a bang up job.

See her post here.  

That’s all for now. If I get a few more songs written and recorded, I may share the future album cover. 

In the mean time, I hope you are enjoying County 9!

– David


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