Cafe Steam Open Mic: February 11, 2016

Photo credit: Cafe Steam Facebook page. Open mic is every Thursday from 730-1030

The place was packed. The energy was electric. The music was awesome. The poets were out in full force. The list of performers was easily 15 strong.

Since I was a new face in the crowd, I was a bit more nervous than usual. As such, I played some shorter songs that I was more comfortable with. From the new album, Night After Night, I played the title track “Night After Night” and “The Fisherman.” I was tempted to try a new song called “County 9,” but I was too nervous, so I played the more familiar “Till It Hurts” from The Long Awaited Dormroom Sessions.

It felt great to play for a crowd again.  It’s been a bit too long.

it was phenomenal to see such amazing talent and energy in this little coffee shop in my home town. I’ve been gone for 10 years, but I can say for sure, you wouldn’t have seen this in Rochester back then. It is a refreshing sign of a vibrant artistic culture.

I want to say thanks for the folks at Cafe Steam who host the open mic every Thursday and for being so helpful as I got some rust off my gears.

I think it is safe to say you’ll find me back at Cafe Steam soon.

take care and talk soon!

  • david



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